Bowers Grading

Bowers Grading Services is proud to provide affordable, creative land sculpting and hard scrape services to you, the homeowner or contractor.

We are located in Macon County in Western North Carolina serving Macon, Jackson, Clay, and Swain counties.

Whether you need homesite development, land clearing, erosion control or construction and maintenance of a road, pond or wall, Bowers Grading services is your project solution.


Land Sculpting

  • Homesite Development
  • Custom Design & Construction
  • Ponds
  • Rock Walls

Hard Scrape

  • Land Clearing
  • Road Construction & Maintenance
  • Erosion Control & Surface Drainage
  • Septic Tank Installation & Repair

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Jane Armenaki

Richard Bowers has been working with us for over three years.

He fixed a soil erosion issue on a slope along side our home. There was an out flow of rain water above our property and it was gushing down washing out our driveway…

Bob Schwartz

We are very excited about what Richard has done for us, I recommend using Richard’s company Bowers Grading. You will be very fortunate to have found such a person.  He is very trustworthy and friendly and he knows what he is doing. Especially where water is involved!…

Jim Moore

I met Richard Bowers thirteen years ago when we first bought the property. Lets just say it was a real mess! It needed a lot of land sculpting, road grading, and a dam rebuilt. Richard Bowers has been an integral part of transitioning this property from what it was..

Pat Worrell

We are fortunate to find Richard and have him come up and help us on this project. Richard does a fabulous job. Richard has a great knowledge of the property that he is working on. He listens to what you want. Then he studies the property then comes back to you with…