I met Richard Bowers thirteen years ago when we first bought the property. Lets just say it was a real mess! It needed a lot of land sculpting, road grading, and a dam rebuilt.

Richard Bowers has been an integral part of transitioning this property from what it was originally to what it is now.

He is very good at land sculpting in such a manner that you do not have standing water problems.

Originally the land was in pretty bad shape and needed a lot of work. The dam was totally breached, there was very little water in the pond. First thing he did was drain the pond. He rebuilt the dam with red clay so it would not breach again. He created beautiful rock work around the dam and made a nice waterfall. Richard has a ability to see something and turn it into something functional and pleasurable.

In front of the house was all cracked concert and stone it was all cracked. It was in horrible shape. Richard came in pulled all the concert and stone away and form the land so we could plant junipers and have a pleasant look to front to our home. He brought in two huge rocks and made stepping stones leading to the staircase.

In the back of the house water he did water management.

He sculpted a slope so we now have proper drainage. Then he made rock steps for the slope. It fits in with the landscape.